Game Intelligence

Game Intelligence by Horst Wein

Horst Wein is a worldwide recognized training instructor of football coaches and dedicated his life to studying and teaching the tactical fundamentals of hockey and football. For Horst Wein football consists of many technical and tactical situations that need to be recognized and understood by the players. A player can ideally draw on a large pool of experience in order to find the best solution possible.

The eyes play an important role in being an extension of the brain, because according to Horst Wein an action in the game consists of the following four phases: 

  • Perception
  • Understanding and Interpretation
  • Decision Finding
  • Technical Execution

Game Intelligence – How Do You Grow?

The development of game intelligence of a young footballer is conditioned by a variety of different stimuli and suggestions. Every new stimulus causes a new connection between multiple neurons. An optimal starting point for a big learning effect is when a player at the moment of perception is attentive, top motivated, interested and convinced of his/her own skill set.

The more this knowledge is gained by personal observation, thinking and experimenting the more it will deepen. 

Die Spieler betrachten aufmerksam die Taktik-Anweisungen auf dem Tablet

The following quote of the Chinese philosopher Laotse clarifies an important point in learning new skills:

Say it to me – and I forget
Show it to me – and I remember
Let me participate – and I understand.

Trainer bespricht Anweisungen mit Kindern auf Taktiktafel

Game Intelligence – Do I Need It?

Scientific research support game intelligence by saying that 60% of losing the possession of the ball in football are a result of errors in perception, in understanding and decision finding. The difference in quality of players is evermore determined by the level of their game intelligence!

A footballer’s better physical condition or technique is of no use, if he/she doesn’t use these elements to put his/her team in a position to be successful.

Wanting to play football on the highest stage requires an very high football IQ that needs to be fostered at an early age.


„The more knowledge the player has, the more he/she sees.“

Horst Wein
Trainer nutzt das Tablet zum Erklären der Taktik
Das Bild zeigt eine reale Spielsituation der E-Jugend auf dem Spielfeld

Game Intelligence and Djibinho

A more decisive building block of Djibinho is to foster the game intelligence of kids.
Our appealing visualization method grasps the kid’s full attention and helps them early to move correctly in different zones of the pitch and make proper use of it!

It is not a matter of pure tactical showing-off, but more about learning how to make use of spaces on the pitch correctly and several important fundamentals of the game.

Djibinho gives kids the right knowledge that lets them make better decisions on the pitch. With and without the ball.

„Grasping the attention of kids and giving them trust they deserve makes them learn incredibly fast and won’t make them stop.  

Djibril Jose Sylla 

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